Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kiasu-ism Passport Chopping Syndrome!

Yup! It's that annual trip planning time once again!
CBK & I shall embark on a trip to satisfy our "kiasu -ism" syndrome on collecting more chops in our passports.

Since I've only recently renewed my passport, I be getting my first chop in this new passport of mine in Bandung, Indonesia. Whohooo! Not knowing what to expect there I will just go with the flow, though its for work I do hope I would get some opportunity to venture around some part of the day.

Anyways....CBK n I will be embarking on our wedding crashers, motobike rides with strangers annual trip in May 2007!


This time, we are still debating to venture via my FREE flight vouchers to Thailand & paid trip to Laos or to pay more via Non Free vouchers that I am entitled to.

Option 1:
Free Flight from Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok
Free Flight (hopefully) Bangkok- Udon Thani
Land travel from Udon Thani across the Friendship Bridge into Vientiane, Laos
Spend a night or 2 at Vientiane and Land Ride or Boat Ride (if possible to do so) to Luang Prabang - a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.
Spend another few nights here and probably head back to Vientiane (or if time allow to further north of Laos to look at the Plains of Jars).
From Vientiane probably take a flight (not free vouchers) to Bangkok
Bangkok stay another couple of nights and head back to reality - Kuala Lumpur.

Option 2:
Fly from Kuala Lumpur - Vientiane via Thai Airways
Do the same land travel as mentioned above to Luang Prabang.
Fly from Vientiane to Bangkok
And the end of the trip is the same as above.

Hmm...which to use or choose?!!

Aarghh,...decisions...and I can tell you the internet is such a useful thingy! Found so many personal travelblogs n journals n info.

Some sites worth checking out:

www.toddadams.net/stories/travelog_laos.htm (nice photos not only on Laos but MACHU PICHU!!)
www.pbwalker.blogspot.com (very informative)
http://whereinsoever.wordpress.com/tag/laos (nice site)

So u tell me ur choice or suggestions!



Friday, December 15, 2006


Its another 9 days left till KLISSMOOOSE is here! WHOOOHOOO!

Its gona be a quiet one this year, long weekend, and many friends of mine will be away for holidays. However, the lamb still stays (wink wink) and we added a new friend to the menu this year.. we wil be having a WHOLE ROAST BABI too on the menu! Whoohooo! Siew Yok & Lamb & home made Sangria (gotta steal some wine off my dad's collection) and crates of beer!! WHOOHOOO..its GONNA BE A QUIET CHRISTMAS INDEED!

Wish those who can't make it this year to be around..esp you know who u are..wish u will be around...sigh..but understand its a long weekend and some of you have plans/agendas of your own.

So maybe this year i will finally get to sit down and be a glutton n just eat n drink myself silly!

Incase i forget or was delayed in wishing ya all..






Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is bad n sad. It's officially a Public Holiday today in Selangor - Nuzul Quran and I am at work! Sniff! While my friends are out lepaking at the malls, catching up, watching movies, sleeping in and doing anything and everything under the sun ..oops i mean in the HAZE, I am stuck at my desk.

The atmosphere at work is like when its a major festive holiday but you're at work coz you don't have any annual leave or ur company doesn't recognise festive hols! Sigh, 6 hours more and I can go home!

Lunch was worst, enough of McDs (have been eating that like 3x week last week, I can start making my own SupaSize me -starring ME)! Aunty Jarp Farn doesn't wanna deliver today. We were stuck with no options! Unless we drove out. No one wants to.

Alhamdulilah!! Pantry Guy is around to SAVE THE DAY! He was selling nasi ayam, nasi ikan n vadeh and kuih! Whoohooo!!! HURRAH!!

That's my lunch makan today.

That aside.

Congrats to Jac & Dev!! They are proud parents to be. J is 2 months preggers, and will be due in May 2007 - a little piggy boy or gal or maybe BOTH! I can't wait to see u back here J & D = JD!And I will definitely be planning my trip to AD in Nov 2007!! I hope to get the cheap flight and u know u got to line up " sights" for me!

My Bro got married!! Whoohoo!!
It was an awesome wedding. The ceremony was held outdoor at The Saujana overlooking the lake near the poolside. Unfortunately it was drizzling (but a blesing in disguise..kept the whole day nice n cool).
My jay foo - Andrew led the ceremony with blessings n prayers and he came all the way from Ozland. Our little nieces n nephews were decked in licac n white dresses and shirts/pants..throwing petals n blowing bubbles! Kiss the bride n I DO later, we were cheering and clapping for the newly weds.
Lunch n it was off to prepare for the dinner that night at Equatorial Hotel - Golden Phoenix restaurant. Not forgetting the tea ceremony!
Dinner went well, started on time and a 36 rounds of YUM SENGs, n more drinks after and more photo sessions..friends and family called it a night. But we had drinsk with my bro n ah so in their suite. Fun!
*photos i know. will load it up!

It's really shortnow and I got it dyed. No lala color but chestnut instead. Its as short as what Halle Berry had before (but mine not really Halle Berry) but its a pixie cut. I LOVE IT!! I think its a refreshing change for me. Muahahah..will upload photos too.

It's FINALLY lunch time!!

Makan TIME!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

1 month & 1 Day!

Yup! It has been 1 month and 1 day since I joined AA. Still adjusting myself though, I am very much more comfy now. Suprisingly, colleagues that I thought have worked there for ages are actually about less than a year old and a scatter of a few old farts who have been around for quite sometime?!

Anyways, no complains so far, quite happy minus the distance and the traveling costs that seems to be making me poorer, food that sux and lack of a coffee machine, I am HAPPY!

Gonna start car pooling soon with some gals from the office, and I have tried the bus (1hr 15m)which isn't that bad a ride. But only thing is, if you're in a hurry to get home or anticipation to get home after a long day...this ride isn't for you.

Haven't tried the Transit train yet, but will give it a shot once I have my pass. That would be splendid but expensive (though we have a staff rate/monthly pass).

Gonna start with they gym in Nov this year. Coz of just sitting on my ass n binging on food n coffee ain't a good way to "grow" over here!

Oh! I have removed my ankle brace, but I ain't allowed to dance, run, jump an any form of exercises are NOT ALLOWED for another month! Bummer! But seriously, it still hurts a little when I walked too much without the brace. Feels sore too. But what the heck, I keep the brace with me...never know when i might need some sympathy and "luck"! *wink wink*

So it is the WEEKEND NOW!!!

Gonna head home and meet Mr Cipet for his farewell (AGAIN) before he heads of to Nippon Land.

I know I promise photos, will do that soon!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The food sux!! I want my nasi lemak! I want my nippon food! I want sakae n sashimi n sushi! I want mee yoke!I want kari laksa! I want FOOOD!!

It's lunch time at far far away land. Eating at my desk is not a great idea for lunch..but its quite alright, coz i get to chill out with a good book or surfing the net or chatting with my frens on MSN (yes!I am on msn..so you better go sign up now).

Food we get here is limited in choices...it's either:
  • Cina - delivered to your doorstep (this food is bleah)
  • Malay - sold at the pantry (but how much of nasi dagang or kari or rojak can you be eating)
  • McD - i be broke if i eat this every day and i be like Super Size me!
  • Coffee Bean - kofi beans for lunch?I be like beavis n butthead! But too pricey
  • Asian Kitchen - errr no comments
  • Food in terminal - i haven't got my pass yet to get in there

So its either u tahan the food or u bungkus from home!


Anyways, I am gonna go down to the shop downstairs n continue the book that i have hidden in the shelf and maybe buy myself some imported chocolate! Afterall, I am in the airport mah, like traveling..sure buy chocolates home!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Itchyban Can Fly!

It has been 3 weeks now, since I started my stint here at AA.

I have tried to stay sober but the alcohol keeps calling me! Hehehe..

Nah...you know where I am working at!

I can say this place is pretty awesome place to work in (*eyes r still tinted with rainbows n sunshine..for now)
Staff has a wide chance of working at various departments, opt for transfers within the group, from a receptionist you even stand a chance to be a pilot!

I like the open concept - both structure of management and the office id, the staff are nice, the work is great BUT they do not have any coffee making facilities!Arrgh!!

So yours truly has resorted to packing kopi, nescafe in powder and instant form and my daily routine now includes, before going up to the office, smuggling some creamers and sugars from the McDs or CBean!
So people, if ever you go to any cafe or kopi tiam do remember me!
Bring back some brown/raw sugar and creamers and instant coffee for me! That would be the best support you can give me at work!

And guess what!!!?!

I am now a proud owner of a brand new car!! It's a MYVI.

My black itchyban arrived on Monday, 4 September 2006.
It sat, shiny and new, sleek and polished in my garage. I rushed home that day, ran into the house and gave it a big fat hug! My arms couldn't reach all the way round it of course! Nethertheless, I could feel Itchyban's warmth and smile when he greeted me.

Was so excited, I couldn't wait to ride it and tear up its clothings..err i mean plastic wrappings on its seats! After ripping those stuff up, I drove it to the nearest petrol station and had him eat his first meal of a liquid diet and boy was he hungry.
Went for a spin with my sis and brought him home to prepare him for the long ride to work the next day.

I lurve my Itchyban dearly and most importantly, my Itchyban plays 'farn parn' !Hehehe

But am thinking of getting an mp3/cd player for the car..do they sell that? And maybe add in a cassette player, since I have loads of those cassette tapes.

You must be wondering how Itchyban got its name.
Well, was talking to WN about the arrival of my new car. And we went on n on with names, and since I am usually itchy (with eczema) my car should naturally be Itchy Ban! Its pronounced as how u would say Ichiban in Japanese which means No.1!

Pics of my Itchyban will come soon!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Yes! I know I haven't been updating my Blog with photos (as promised before) or with any new items at all. Reason, this dinosour of a PC that I am using..is freaking slow..and the connection ain't helping either. Imagine..happily typing and putting up photos only to have the PC hanging and not moving at all to load a single page?!?Then lo n behold, a message pops up to say Explorer is not working or shit like that?!
Grrrrr...so nope...no new photos or anything like that till i get a New PC!

So begins my list of things to buy, when I start working:
  • New PC/ Notebook
  • New Computer Table
  • New Cupboard
  • A Water Filter
  • An Air Purifier
  • New Shoe Cabinet
  • New Handphone (mine keeps hanging..just like my pc, and has auto shutdown too!)
  • New Car (Any comments about the Perodua MYVI? What color?Black?Silver?Dark Grey?)
  • A bracelet watch (love Tissot...and I already have my eye on a certain model...)

Yup, that's the list but not neccesarily in that order. I think I'd be broke for the first few months if I do buy all the items above. Sigh...so I shall prioritise certain items first. The last item to get would be a Handphone.

And yes! I am now gonna be back on the statistical figures of the work force in Msia! If you're not aware..I would be working in a No Frill Airline.

Starting on 15 August 2006, and I am now awaiting my offer letter to be ready. If you don't know which airline is this...Air Asia (www.airasia.com) is where I'd be. The office is located all the way in LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) which is about a 45min - an hour drive from my home. Yawn!

But I think it should be a good organisation to join as it is still growing and still very young. There should be alot of opportunities in there...and I have been told they also encourage you to work in their overseas offices!!Whooohooo!

And...I am entitled to 6 free air tickets upon confirmation to fly to any destination that Air Asia flies to. That tix can be used by family and friends! N my list of family and "friends" who wants those tickets are getting endless!Hehehehhehe... =)

Wish me luck! Pray that this job works out really well!Pray that I find that fire in my belly and keep it burning for awhile! Most importantly..Pray that I wake up in time for work! =P

So..now I will enjoy the last week of being a limping bump before I enter back to the work force world....